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​Senior Teacher
Chanel シャネル先生

Chanel Nakamura  

シャネル ナカムラ

アメリカ ハワイ出身 日系アメリカ人



From Hawaii  Can speak Japanese a bit!



パシフィック大学大学院 修士課程卒


The Board-Certified Music Therapist in the US

MA in Music Therapy at the University of the Pacific ​​



・米国Californiaにて MusicTogether講師 


・現在 Music Together Fine講師

・現在 英語で行う幼児ピアノ教室 Piano Fine(東松原・三軒茶屋)講師

現在 発達障がい児の音楽療育 Music Therapy Fine 講師

​・現在 フレンチホルン奏者

普通救命講習認定証 取得

​・2019年12月 Music Together 認定講師 Certificate1取得


All ENGLISHでの愛と笑顔に包まれるセラピー感たっぷりのレッスンを展開







Chanel Nakamura discovered the deep effects of music as a student volunteer for a music therapy organization in Hawaii in 2007. After seeing patients “wake up” and become motivated through music, she began her journey to becoming a music therapist at the University of the Pacific where she earned her Master’s degree in Music Therapy in 2013. Since then Chanel has had experience in the bay area of California with various special needs from Autism, Cerebral Palsy, mental health, skilled nursing, and pediatric acute care. In 2015, she moved to Japan and has continued to incorporate music in her English classes and in her experience working with special needs in elementary and junior high school. Chanel is also a registered Music Together teacher specializing in creating an all inclusive, rich, musical environment for children of all abilities from 0-6 years and those that love them. She looks forward to working with your child and hopes to support their growth, development, and potential through music therapy. 



For the Music Therapy for special needs 



親子教室ふぁいん Oyakokyoshitsu Fine  setagaya 


1560054       東京都世田谷区桜丘2-19-10

2-19-10 Sakuragaoka Setagaya ku Tokyo

Contact お問合わせ  

09099561088 (10:00-17:00)

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